Independent Price List

Our own Cramlington Care plan is ‘pay as you go’. This offers greatest flexibility.

General Dental Treatment Price
Routine Dental Examination £27.50
Emergency Dental Examination £29.50
Issue of a Prescription (Private) £11.50
Radiographs Price
Bitewing / Periapical Radiograph £4.00
Hygiene Services
Single Hygiene Visit £33.50 per session
Double Hygiene Visit ( Perio chart) £57.50 per session
Air Flow Treatment £75.00 per half an hour
Restorative Treatment Price
Amalgam Filling Small From £50.00
Medium From £60.00
Large From £70.00
White Composite Filling Small From £65.00
Medium From £95.00
Large From £150.00
Anterior Composite filling From £60.00
Extractions Price
Extraction From £75.00
Wisdom Tooth Removal From £150.00
Veneers Price
E-Max Veneers From £395.00 Per Veneer
Composite Veneers From £120 Per Tooth
Crowns and Bridges Price
PFM Crown From £400.00
E Max Crown From £450.00
Gold Crown From £450.00
Zirconia Crown From £400.00
Resin Bonded Bridge From £400.00
Conventional Bridge From £600.00
Root Canal Treatment Price
Incisor From £120.00
Premolar From £150.00
Molar From £250.00
Retainers and Splints Price
Soft Splint From £75.00
Essix Retainer From £65.00 Per Arch
Vivera Retainers From £300.00 (Both Arches)
Sports Gumshield Price
Depending on Design/Colour From £85.00
Dentures Price
Partial Denture From £280.00
Full Upper and Lower Denture From £560.00
Chrome Denture From £550.00 Per Arch
Valplast Denture From £500.00 Per Arch
Denture Repair £40.00
Soft Reline of a denture £39.50
Hard Reline of a denture £53.50
Tooth Addition to a denture From £49.50
Whitening Price
Boutique Whitening (Starter pack with bespoke moulds and 4 tubes of Whitening Gel) £299.00 (Both Arches)
Top Up Whitening Gel £22.00
Invisalign Price
Invisalign Single Arch (with Retainers and Whitening) From £995.00
Full Lite Case (with Retainers and Whitening) From £2800.00
Full Case (with Retainers and Whitening) From £3800.00
C Fast Teeth Straightening Price
cfast-logo Full Case (Upper and Lower) From £2350.00
Single Arch From £1750.00